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Portland Business Lawyers — Are They Worth It?

January 5, 2017 at 6:29 am

If you have a company, then you know that there are a lot of laws surrounding what you are doing. You can’t treat customers certain ways and can’t pay employees whatever you want. The best way to learn if you are doing things the right way is to hire a Portland business lawyer before making any business decisions.

For the most part, you can’t just do whatever it takes to make money. You have to be mindful of what you’re paying for certain things or what kinds of rules you make employees follow. One way to get help from a business lawyer is to have them help you come up with a way to screen and hire people. You can’t, for instance, discriminate based on someone’s religion and you may not know what that means in terms of the law. You have to know what you are doing so you don’t end up in court over a bad decision you made.

Businesses are a lot better off if they are able to keep their finances in good shape. You cannot just not pay taxes and then expect to not be found out by the government. There are so many legal problem that you have to navigate around, so you need a lawyer to guide you from time to time. This is especially important if you want to make sure that you are getting your company started the right way. By looking into what you have to do to succeed, it can make it easier to be happy with your results.

The Portland area is a place where you will have a lot of competition. Are you getting a fair deal when doing business with other companies? Do you need to protect your IP and other business assets when you work with someone else? You can end up getting in some serious trouble or even losing a lot of money if you are not able to play this the smart way. It is never good to rely of the good will of other people since they are in business to make as much as possible probably just like you are.

Portland business lawyers can save and make you more money than you spend on them. Getting fined or having to deal with other problems that come from not knowing laws can sink your company if you are not careful.

How To Pick The Best Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer

July 30, 2016 at 5:03 am

man in handcuffsThere are three things you should looking for in your search for Anchorage criminal defense lawyer: first, he or she should be a member of criminal defense organizations; second, he or she should have experience taking cases to trial; and third, you should seriously consider whether it is smart to hire a former prosecutor.

Please understand why criminal defense organizations are important. Criminal defense organizations are made up of the best national criminal defense attorneys, and they teach and participate in seminars to help other criminal defense lawyers improve their practice. Your Anchorage criminal defense lawyer, should be a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. This membership helps you know that your criminal defense lawyer is dedicated to improving his or her abilities and that they are committed to high-level criminal defense. Often, Anchorage criminal defense lawyers who are members of these organizations will communicate this in advertising material like websites.

In addition to membership in criminal defense organizations, your Anchorage criminal defense lawyers should have significant experience in actual criminal defense trials. Criminal defense can be complicated, stressful, and clearly serious. You should not have Anchorage criminal defense attorney defend you unless they have been stood in front of juries before.

To find out if you Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyers has enough experience in criminal defense, ask him or her if they have tried criminal cases to juries. Look for places on their website (http://www.dattanlaw.com/criminal-defense/) or in their advertising material that summarizes past victories for their clients. If you Anchorage criminal defense lawyer does not have this experience you should serious consider finding another one.

Hopefully, this article has helped provide some useful advice for you to use in looking for Anchorage criminal defense lawyer. The government has the police on their side when they prosecute you; make sure you have the best possible Anchorage criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Anchorage courtroom

Frequently, attorneys will advertise that they used to be prosecuting attorneys. These lawyers make assertions that they know what prosecutors think and how they intend to prosecute a case. In reality, if you retain an accomplished criminal defense attorney he or she also knows how prosecutors work to make their case

Does someone that used to accept police officers that stretch the truth and work with all their might to punish citizens as much as the law permits view an accused citizen with a sufficient amount of sympathy? I would respectfully assert that you should consider deciding on Anchorage criminal defense attorney that was never an actor in law enforcement and has committed his or her work to guarding the freedoms of citizens.

To What Extent Is Breaking And Entering Considered An Offense?

July 20, 2016 at 10:33 pm

man breaking into a homeBreaking and entering law refers to the law that covers the fact of forcefully, or otherwise, trespassing into a property or premise, usually with the intention to commit a crime.

As is suggested by the name, there are two major elements of this law. There has to be the act of breaking in as well as entering. The property in question could range from residential premises, commercial premises or even a personal structure such as a boat.


Incorporation into the Penal Code

For many years, the crime of breaking and entering was often regarded with insignificance. This was until the victims began to suffer gross losses and in other cases grievous bodily harm as a result of resisting the assailants.

It is for this reason that different state jurisdictions thought it wise to transition this offense from the category of common law into the penal code, thereby prescribing stiffer penalties for the offenders.


Arguing the Merits of the Law

The law of breaking and entering has various grey areas and one of those often lies in the difficulty or inability to actually determine whether the entry was forceful or intended to cause any harm.

Legal experts have often drawn the parameters for arguing the merits of this case and one of those is determining whether the property being broken into is actually able to house people, merchandise or is of a significant financial value.

Additionally, the structure in question has to be closed to the public at the moment the breaking in occurs. This means that it does not necessarily amount to breaking and entering if one happens to enter a store during its normal hours of operation.

Last but not least, the forceful entry into abandoned structures may not be covered under this law. This is due to the assumption that the abandoned structures may not necessarily have any financial value and thus the fact of breaking into them may not have been inspired by any ill intention.

“It’s important to have an attorney on your side that knows local law because state and county laws can differ from one location to another.” – Criminal Defense Attorney.


Like is the case with any criminal act, the timing of breaking and entering may also be used to determine the intent. This often calls for the presumption of premeditation.

Let’s take a case in point – if you happen to have received threatening messages from an unidentified person and then it happens that breaking and entering occurs in the height of these happenings, then ill intent can safely be presumed.



Having been incorporated into the penal code, the offense of breaking and entering often receives varied sentences depending upon the intensity as well as the associated damages caused.

Landlord Tenant Laws- 3 Things You Must Know

July 14, 2016 at 6:26 am

Landlord tenant lawsuits are more regular than we might suspect and it’s ideal to be set up than got uninformed. Now and then it is the tenant bringing on the lawsuit, while different times the landlord must stride in and make a move. Despite the fact that there are a plenty of reasons why a lawsuit may emerge, there are a couple of things you should think about landlord tenant lawsuits to secure yourself.

tenant landlord law

1. Tenant security

As a landlord, it is dependent upon you to ensure everything in the condo or home is decent to keep up the well being of the tenant preceding them moving in. This incorporates redesigning apparatuses, changing the locks from past tenants, and notwithstanding applying particular principles and controls preceding their acknowledgment. In the event that a tenant credit report indicates reprobate movement, it is dependent upon you to decrease their application as opposed to risking them living there and missing installments.

As a tenant, it is your obligation to illuminate the landlord of any issues after moving in and in addition for the duration of the time you live there. Directing a careful stroll through and assuming photographs of the position before moving in can decrease the danger of you as a tenant getting stuck in an unfortunate situation for things that were at that point off-base.

2. Exposure forthright before move in

The following thing to remember to maintain a strategic distance from landlord tenant lawsuits is to be forthright about everything without exception when moving in. As the landlord, you need to give the tenant recognize what sorts of redesigns a chance to will be made and what dangerous zones they have to watch out for. Along these lines if something were to turn out badly, the tenant can rapidly advise you and permit you to right it.

As a tenant, it is basic you are straightforward and forthright on your application. This incorporates everything from your salary to your criminal history to your rental history. On the off chance that you say on the application you have never had a lawful offense and the landlord discovers not far off that you have, expulsion and even a lawsuit is conceivable.

Know your rights as a tenant and as a landlord for your local area. Remember, these laws differ from one location to the next. For information about tenant laws in southern California, contact a local Tenant Lawyer in Las Vegas,  like these guys: Pintar Albiston LLP, 6053 S Fort Apache Rd #120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA. Phone: 702-685-5255. It is wiser to get the information regarding tenant landlord laws from an local attorney than to rely on most information you can find online.

3. Separation law

The last thing to consider with a tenant landlord lawsuit is the segregation law. As a landlord, you may have it in your mind that it is your property and you can lease to whomever you like. Keeping in mind this is a sensible, there are lawful points of confinement on this choice. You can’t construct your choices in light of race, religion or some other classes that tenant laws secure.

Lawyer Selection – Tips & Tricks

July 6, 2016 at 7:54 am

Having a good lawyer determines how successful you are in solving your legal matters. Taking your time to select an attorney is important as there are different types of lawyers, with varying competence levels as well as fields of expertise. Most people tend to hire a lawyer relying only on word of mouth from family and friends. Others will select their attorney by simply reading advertisements or even from phone directories. In this case, you might end up making your situation worse as these sources do not provide sufficient information to assist you in making a valid selection. A good lawyer should be capable of offering strategic advice as well as sophisticated technical skills to resolve your legal dispute. Though having a good lawyer does not necessarily mean that you will win your case, they should offer the best legal representation as well as the highest chances of winning. These are some of the top tips that can guide you when selecting a lawyer.


1. Area of expertise. When selecting your lawyer, you must ensure that they are specialized in the field of your legal problems. For instance, a lawyer who is specialized in criminal cases may not be the best with malpractice cases. You can check your lawyer’s client list or their profile to know what legal matters they represent.

2. Check their credentials. A background check on the potential lawyers is also important. The State Bar is among the best sources of information about local lawyers. Besides checking their credentials, you should also check if your lawyer has had soe disciplinary issues. You can as well contact the State’s Attorney General office to inquire or verify the credibility of your attorney.

3. Ask for insights and opinions from other people. You can use referrals from your family, colleagues and friends to guide in hiring a lawyer. You can also consult other lawyers who are likely to suggest the best attorney for your case. Look for those people who have experienced a similar legal problem and ask them for leads as well as advice on finding the best lawyer. However, you should avoid relying solely on such recommendations as people have varying responses to their lawyer’s personality and style. In this case, you should only hire the recommended lawyer after you have met them, discussed your case with them and decided that you are comfortable working with them.

4. Online sources. The internet provides a wide variety of reliable sources for some of the best lawyers in your region. These online sources range from local newspapers’ archives, discussion boards, online blogs or chats as well as the state bar association’s website. There are also other websites that have narrowed down the search to your location and the various types of legal cases. They will also provide the lawyers’ fees, experience as well as education.

5. Business referrals. You can also consult businesses that operated in the legal area that you require a lawyer. For instance, when your legal problems involve small business law, you can speak to your accountant, banker, real estate broker or even your insurance agent. As they provide their services to the key players in their field, they frequently come into contact with their clients’ lawyers, and they can guide you in making informed judgments on your best lawyer.